FilmLanders is a channel which presents the work of independent film directors and animators from all around the world, showcasing independent films, web series and animation.

An independent movie is a professionally made movie, mostly or completely produced outside of the major film studio system.
Independent films are sometimes different from major studios movies by their style and content as they reflect more of their director’s artistic vision. They are often made with lower budgets, usually have a more limited release and are often screened at film festivals before distribution.

An animation creates the illusion of motion and shape change by rapidly displaying a series of static images. The earliest cinema animation was composed of frame-by-frame, hand-drawn images. While animated films often appeal mostly to children, they can easily be enjoyed by all.

A web series is a series of scripted videos, released online, generally made up of several episodes, also called 'webisodes'.

According to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science, a short film has a “running time of 40 minutes or less, including all credits". Short films are usually screened at film festivals, where categories like "short film" or "animation” are often part of the program. New independent filmmakers tend to start with short films due to their lower cost.